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Blueprints for Communities Serving Youth Offenders Returning From Juvenile Correctional Facilities

Posted by Youth Services - On October 19, 2010 (EST)

Social support systems in communities serving a disproportionate number of youth returning from juvenile correction facilities are typically overwhelmed by the volume of returning offenders. Services provided to the youth offender tend to be duplicative in one area (e.g. GED training) and non-existent in others (e.g. transportation services).  Also, the services are generally not coordinated amongst the service providers.

In an effort to help communities provide coordinated community-directed services for the youth offenders, the Department of Labor awarded five Young Offender Planning grants.  The purpose of planning grants is to enable the selected communities to develop comprehensive strategies for serving all young offenders returning to a city or county.

The Young Offender Planning Grants was awarded to local governments with the goal of enabling the selected localities to develop comprehensive blueprints for serving all juvenile and young adult offenders returning from correctional facilities.

Questions:  What is the greatest hindrance for your organization in developing a blueprint that would coordinate the services of  FBOs, CBOs, and government organizations?  Funds? Time? Building and/or sustaining effective partnerships? 

If you read any of the attached blueprints do you think your city/county can replicate the proposed partnerships to serve youth offenders?  If not, why?

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On December 04, 2010  Ben Sanderson said:
It's good to see this kind of smsf benefiting the Young Offenders program.

On August 09, 2011  Phyllis Richardson said:
I agree it is good to see this kind of news. Their are a lot of programs for Ex-Offenders, we just need to get the word out and this is a very good way of doing it. I have more information I think should be posted about offenders and their communities. Please check out and read the RExO Flash Fax/newsletter, it's filled with a lot of good information to benefit Ex-Offenders.

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