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National High School Center New College and Career Readiness Resources

Posted by Maisha Meminger - On July 31, 2012 (EST)

The National High School Center conducted a scan of organizations that address college and career readiness and identified more than 70 such organizations, including those focused on policy, practice, advocacy, access and research. Through this scan, the Center identified three major strands of work and created the College and Career Development Organizer. The Organizer is intended to help users traverse the vast college and career readiness landscape, encouraging conversations on each of the three strands and serving as a tool that can support the development of strategies and initiatives to better prepare all students for college and careers.

Additionally, the National High School Center has created a series of tools and briefs – such as the College and Career Readiness Action Planning Template, College and Career Development Organizer Brief, and others – to extrapolate on the College and Career Development Organizer and provide further insight into the increasingly complicated field of college and career readiness. An invitation-only symposium on April 24, 2012 in Washington, D.C. encouraged further conversations about the topic and we have continued the discussion on our High School Matters blog and through our June college and career readiness Webinar series.

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