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BLS Report: America's Young Adults at 24: School Enrollment, Training, and Employment Transitions between Ages 23 And 24

Posted by Maisha Meminger - On February 15, 2012 (EST)

At age 24, a clear gender gap in educational attainment persists. While nearly 28 percent of women had
received a bachelor’s degree by the October when they were age 24, only 19 percent of men had done
so, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Additionally, nearly the same percentage of men
and women (12 and 13 percent, respectively) were enrolled in college at age 24, so it is unlikely the gap
in educational attainment will close.
These findings are from the first 13 annual rounds of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997,
which is a nationally representative survey of about 9,000 men and women who were born during the
years 1980 to 1984. These respondents were ages 12 to 17 when first interviewed in 1997, and ages 24
to 30 when interviewed for the 13th time in 2009-10. The survey provides information on work and
nonwork experiences, training, schooling, income, assets, and other characteristics. The information
provided by respondents is representative of all men and women born in the early 1980s and living in
the United States when the survey began in 1997.

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