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HHS/ACF/OFA to Award Grants to Promote Responsible Fatherhood

Posted by Maisha Meminger - On June 29, 2011 (EST)

On December 8, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Claims Resolution Act of 2010, which, among other things, authorizes $75,000,000 for three specified Promoting Responsible Fatherhood activities:

(I) Healthy Marriage - Activities to promote marriage or sustain marriage through activities, such as …

(II) Responsible Parenting - Activities to promote responsible parenting, such as ….

(III) Economic Stability - Activities to foster economic stability, such as:

Helping fathers improve their economic status by providing activities such as Work First services, job search, job training, subsidized employment, job retention, job enhancement, and encouraging education, including career-advancing education;
Dissemination of employment materials; and
Coordination with existing employment services such as welfare-to-work programs, referrals to local employment training initiatives, and other methods.
HHS/ACF/Office of Family Assistance yesterday announced a solicitation of applications to competitively award demonstration projects that support such activities under the Act.

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