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Posted by Maisha Meminger - On November 22, 2010 (EST)

No Kidding: Straight Talk from Teen Parents is a unique child support prevention program that educates young people on the rights, responsibilities, and realities of teen parenting through interactive presentations conducted by peer educators who are themselves teenage parents. No Kidding combines elements of peer education and service learning programs to address the legal and financial ramifications of teenage childbearing in a manner that resonates with young audiences and promotes the individual and social responsibility of the peer educators. The program has a strong prevention message that focuses on the why of not becoming a parent too soon rather than the how. No Kidding was initially implemented through a federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Section 1115 Demonstration grant – ongoing implementation is through a unique public/private partnership between the Texas Office of the Attorney General-Child Support Division, local public school districts and local community-based organizations in Austin, El Paso and Houston.
The program has three complimentary goals:
• Educate current and future parents – especially parents with non-marital births – about the legal, financial and emotional rights and responsibilities of raising a child
• Encourage teens to postpone parenthood until after they’ve completed their education, established a career and entered into a stable, committed relationship
• Support professional career development for teen parent interns and empower them to use their life situations to make meaningful contributions to their peers
The seven minute No Kidding video introduces viewers to a team of No Kidding educators, provides some insight into their motivation for working in the program, shows highlights of the program in action in school classrooms, and offers a glimpse into how the program impacts the No Kidding educators’ plans for the future.

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