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Pima County, AZ-A Blueprint for the Successful Reintegration of Young Offenders into the Community

Posted by Maisha Meminger - On September 07, 2010 (EST)

Each year, Juvenile Courts in the United States handle roughly1.6 million delinquency cases and an estimated 144,000 youth are placed in juvenile correctional facilities. Youth in the juvenile justice system have high probabilities of returning to crime. Further, juvenile offenders do not return evenly to communities across the United States, but rather return disproportionately to high-crime, high-poverty areas. The social support system in such communities is typically overwhelmed by the volume of returning offenders. The Employment and Training Administration awarded three categories of grants to provide selected state and local governments and an intermediary organization the opportunity to develop comprehensive strategies for serving all young offenders returning to a city or county.

Five Young Offender Planning Grants of approximately $300,000 each was awarded to local governments by the Employment & Training Administration. The goal of the planning grants were to allow the selected localities to develop comprehensive blueprints for serving all juvenile and young adult offenders returning from correctional facilities. The Department’s intent in funding these planning grants was to enable communities to use resources outside of these grants to fully fund the plans that they develop. This initiative set into motion the planning, partnerships building, and the developing of programmatic activities necessary to help reduce recidivism while expanding opportunities for individual success through education, training, and employment. Here are the DRAFT blueprints.

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