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Topics : How Hard is it to change the mode of communication?

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Maisha Meminger
Posted: Aug 03,2010 10:21AM
Joined: 02/10/2005
Posts: 210
Is it hard for people to change their modes of communication?

We’re changing how we deliver our weekly Flash-Fax/E-Newsletter, primarily sent to Youth Offender Practitioners. Instead of e-mailing it, we will begin to post the link on our NEW “Community of Practice” site located on Workforce 3one starting in September 2010.

Do you believe we would get pushback from recipients? Would you see the FlashFax on the CoP?
Youth Services
Posted: Aug 03,2010 01:25PM
Joined: 06/30/2010
Posts: 22
It is a challenge to change anything. Having the FlashFax on the Community of Practice would be beneficial to everyone who logs in; therefore, everyone can get it- not just a select few.

I hope the current recipients will also benefit from the change in distribution.